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Binary Eclipsing Stars

observers of the night sky

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Here you can download the computer programmes make observations easier. Unpacking this software make programme pkunzip.exe
After unpack the programmes, description of their working you will find in the readme.txt file.

  • MEBS [programme for DOS]

  • The MEBS programme is using to plan of the observations. This programme show which day and hour the stars have a minimums. MEBS runs under DOS (29kB) -

  • PTELCAT [programme for DOS]

  • It is nice programme for observation. It shows phase of the star, her coordinates, position of the Sun, etc. PTELCAT cooperates with *.cat files. (38kB) -

  • O-C [programme for DOS]

  • This programme convert gregorian date to JD, counts calculate minimums, value O-C, etc. Cooperates with *.cat files. (42kB) -

  • ephem(3)

  • EPHEM calculates minimums rely upon ephemerids and calculates heliocentric correction.

    ephem(3).exe (29kB) -

  • Calca [programme for DOS]

  • Computer version of traditional method of the tracing paper. (40kB) -

  • KalkaXLS [programme for DOS]

  • Tracing paper method as MS Excel script. (kB) -

  • KW [programme for DOS]

  • Calculates minimums with Kwee-Wanwoerdena method. (kB) -

  • eb_min23 [programme for DOS]

  • { here description of eb_min23 programme } (51kB) -

  • VarInst

  • { here description of VarInst programme }

    varint.exe (kB) -

  • Vssplot [programme for DOS]

  • { here description of Vssplot programme } (kB) -

  • BINARY [programme for DOS]

  • Programme binary3.exe is typical educational programme. Enable to understand nature of the binary eclipsing stars. (34kB) -