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1_4jan2011-part-Moon-eclipse-GS.jpg 2.7K 2_4jan2011-part-Moon-eclipse-GS.jpg 49K 3_4jan2011-part-Moon-eclipse-GS.jpg 99K Blog-0905-old-moon.jpg 45K Leonardo-Earthshine.png 17K c2_4jan2011-part-Moon-eclipse-GS.jpg 6.1K cl6VMSf68.tif 827K
4 JAN 2011

Images for J.VS comm. #361 (partial eclipse of 4 JAN 2011 and f68 discussions)

Images related to the off-J. discussions relating to the partial eclipse of 
4 JAN 2011, f68, and other matters documented in the dialog comm. #361