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1xf102v1.jpg 172K 2xf102v1.jpg 108K f102v1-processed.jpg 147K metadataJVSL11-1-2007-10-07.txt 1.3K
7 OCT 2007; updated 12 OCT 2007

Meta-data for J. VS  Library deposit:


This deposit contains, in addition to this meta-data text-file, three image 


This image is a small crop from the Beinecke MS 408 high resolution .sid 
image, of the middle sub-cylinder (red-brown colored) portion of the lower 
cylindrical object ("jar" or "incense burner") on f102v1.


This image is 1xf102v1.jpg processed with IrfanView as follows:

Brightness = 28

Color Balance:
R = 0
G = -255
B = -255

Contrast = 99
Gamma = 1.21
Saturation = 0

This J.VS Library deposit is referenced in J.VS communication #101

Berj / KI3U

updated 12 OCT 2007:


This images is 1xf102v1.jpg processed with The Gimp. Copies of the image were
split into red, green, blue components and cyan, magenta, yellow components. 
Each separation was converted into greyscale and adjusted to improve contrast.

The green, blue and cyan separations were found to contain very little of the 
underlying letters and were rejected. 

The yellow and magenta separations were combined (Addition, Merge Layers) and 
overlayed with the red separation, blurred with a 2x2 pixel Gaussian blur. 
Curves were adjested to improve contrast.

This J.VS Library deposit is referenced in J.VS communication #102.

Greg Stachowski