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25 MAY 2011

A discussion of the plant illustrated in folio f9v of the Voynich Manuscript

by P. Han [1]


"The plant in folio f9v in the Voynich Manuscript has been most often compared 
to the Viola and more specifically "Viola Trinitas/Tricolor" (Petersen, 1931), 
also known as the "Wild Pansy" or "Heartsease".   Morphologically it is the 
most easily and reliably identified of all the plants in the manuscript, yet 
there are some issues that the view of many that the plants are either 
fantastical or images drawn from memory and certainly cannot be considered 
botanically accurate.  I do not agree with this view and suggest the plant 
on f9v is without doubt a Viola and that it was copied from an actual specimen, 
though probably not by a botanist."