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Name                            Size  
2proc_c2VMSf32r.tif 944K 2proc_detail_c5VMSf37r.tif 533K c11VMSf48v.tif 39K c1VMSf31v.tif 63K c1VMSf36r.tif 134K c1VMSf39r.tif 54K c1VMSf44r.tif 87K c1VMSf44v.tif 32K c1VMSf93v.tif 81K c2VMSf10r.tif 118K c2VMSf116v.tif 144K c2VMSf31r.tif 74K c2VMSf31v.tif 64K c2VMSf32r.tif 39K c2VMSf38r.tif 96K c2VMSf40v.tif 51K c2VMSf41v.tif 163K c3VMSf102v2.tif 51K c3VMSf18r.tif 227K c3VMSf19r.tif 128K c3VMSf27r.tif 49K c3VMSf8r.tif 71K c3VMSf9r.tif 85K c4VMSf101v2.tif 114K c4VMSf24r.tif 39K c4VMSf27r.tif 68K c4VMSf30v.tif 62K c4VMSf31r.tif 73K c4VMSf33v.tif 28K c4VMSf35v.tif 56K c4VMSf49v.tif 141K c4VMSf76r.tif 58K c4VMSf76v.tif 82K c4VMSf95r1.tif 65K c5VMSf24v.tif 125K c5VMSf37r.tif 108K c5VMSf46v.tif 113K c5VMSf47r.tif 89K c5VMSf47v.tif 329K c5VMSf75r.tif 39K c5VMSf90v2.tif 83K c5VMSf96v.tif 74K c6VMSf33v.tif 168K c6VMSf95v2.tif 39K c7VMSf101v2.tif 76K c7VMSf99r.tif 53K c8VMSf116v.tif 50K c9VMSf58r.tif 22K jpeg/ - metadataJVSL27-1-2009-12-06.txt 3.9K
6 DEC 2009

Meta-data for J.VS  Library deposit:


This deposit contains, in addition to this metadata text file, 48 image files 
cropped from Beinecke Voynich Manuscript SID-tif's, with subjective descriptors:

1.) c3VMSf8r.tif ; GC-2 or GC-3 as a spots-check: note that the well-situated 
    spots making up the "eyes" of the face are somewhat similar to heavier 
    spots on the second c of pedestal glyph - accidental or intentional?
2.) c3VMSf9r.tif ; stair-climbing intruding gallows
3.) c2VMSf10r.tif ; note the GC-8
4.) c3VMSf18r.tif ; pony gallows
5.) c3VMSf19r.tif ; flap ears
6.) c4VMSf24r.tif ; long-necked devil
7.) c5VMSf24v.tif ; note multi-stoke construction of this awkward tall gallows 
    GC-h letter
8.) c4VMSf27r.tif ; note apparently complex construction of upper portion of 
    the GC-y, possibly with embedded micro-letter(s)
9.) c3VMSf27r.tif ; note apparently complex construction of upper portion of 
    the GC-y, possibly with embedded micro-letter(s)
10.) c4VMSf30v.tif ; long-nosed two-faced plume
11.) c2VMSf31r.tif ; cracked-ink, or scribe-lines?
12.) c4VMSf31r.tif ; penguin "1"
13.) c1VMSf31v.tif ; little big-nosed doggie
14.) c2VMSf31v.tif ; worried intruder
15.) c2VMSf32r.tif ; designer handbag; possible embedded letters in the 
     hair-topped GC-9, including GC-k, and a GC-y up against a tiny tall cross
16.) 2proc_c2VMSf32r.tif ; processed detail of c2VMSf32r.tif : cracked ink, or 
     embedded micro GC-k, GC-y, and cross ?
17.) c4VMSf33v.tif ; padlock becomes curve-tailed doggie-face
18.) c6VMSf33v.tif ; bug-eyed GC-h gallows and bearded warrior GC-e
19.) c4VMSf35v.tif ; trimmed poodle
20.) c1VMSf36r.tif ; Erector Set gallows
21.) c5VMSf37r.tif ; page 37 numbers; magnified, the image can give the 
     impression of many intentional micro-details in the "3" and "7", including 
     well-crafted heads and text letters.
22.) 2proc_detail_c5VMSf37r.tif ; processed detail of c5VMSf37r.tif : cracked 
     ink, or embedded micro GC-2 ?
23.) c2VMSf38r.tif ; note construction of the top portion of the GC-y
24.) c1VMSf39r.tif ; dog howling 8aii
25.) c2VMSf40v.tif ; note the tiny inked distorted hooked cross at top-left of 
     the GC-1, for comparing with similar image elements uncertain as to 
     cracked-ink etc. or embedded intentional design, for example in 
     c4VMSf35v.tif trimmed poodle, and c5VMSf37r.tif.
26.) c2VMSf41v.tif ; Sergeant GC-h keeping the troops in line
27.) c1VMSf44r.tif ; GC-o head with a GC-7 hair-ribbon; note groove-line in 
     the parchment
28.) c1VMSf44v.tif ; note the exquisite rendering of the tiny equilateral 
     triangle emanating from the GC-a
29.) c5VMSf46v.tif ; GC-h sled-dog
30.) c5VMSf47r.tif ; Boxer-nose GC-h
31.) c5VMSf47v.tif ; GC-7 talks with aiiN
32.) c11VMSf48v.tif ; barely-keeping-it-together GC-k
33.) c4VMSf49v.tif ; Mr. GC-k mulls over the purchase of a little bench
34.) c9VMSf58r.tif ; GC-h child under control
35.) c5VMSf75r.tif ; angry! GC-h
36.) c4VMSf76r.tif ; pointy-nosed GC-j gallows man; for more on the peculiar 
     f76r text see J.VS comm. # 138 (Vol. II) and references given there to 
     handscript text-art.
37.) c4VMSf76v.tif ; camel gallows
38.) c5VMSf90v2.tif ; GC-h with head
39.) c1VMSf93v.tif ; intruding GC-k gallows with head
40.) c4VMSf95r1.tif ; pointy-nosed GC-f man
41.) c6VMSf95v2.tif ; fetch the ball
42.) c5VMSf96v.tif ; Snoopy intruding gallows
43.) c7VMSf99r.tif ; life can be hard
44.) c4VMSf101v2.tif ; so nice to c you
45.) c7VMSf101v2.tif ; sniff sniff
46.) c3VMSf102v2.tif ; Professor
47.) c8VMSf116v.tif ; Mr. Cross-in-his-mouth
48.) c2VMSf116v.tif ; Shroud of Voynich; check-patch for comparing effects of 
     parchment staining

These images are first referenced in J.VS communication #317 
(Vol. III, 6 DEC 2009):

J.VS: Revisiting Newbold's approach: little people under the Voynich microscope

Berj / KI3U