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21 FEB 2010

Meta-data for J.VS  Library deposit:


This deposit contains, in addition to this meta-data text-file, images 
associated with Wilfrid M. Voynich.

The knob on Voynich's cane: the following two images are crops from the 
Beinecke online-provided 1062132.sid of the portrait photograph of 
Wilfrid Voynich with cigarette and cane:



They show the marking on the cane-knob which resembles a "4". This is briefly mentioned in J.VS communication #36 (Vol. I, 13 MAY 2007), but extensively discussed in some list-posts from 8 FEB 2007 on, which are archived in J.VS Library deposit # 1-1-2007-05-05, file 4vmsKI3Ulab.htm .

Early Voynich book-selling advertisement: crop of 30 JUL 1898 issue of the newspaper "THE ACADEMY", obtained from a google books source image.


This image is first discussed in J.VS communication #336 (Vol. IV, 21 FEB 2010).

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