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22 JUN 2007

Meta-data for J. VS  Library deposit:


This deposit contains, in addition to this meta-data text-file, 5 image 
files, Figs. 1-5 for the J. VS communication # 49, "J.VS: The f67r2 
circle-perimeter patterns: are they simple codes?"

Fig. 1
This is a sub-image crop of Voynich f67r2 taken from the Yale Beinecke MS 
408 source-image 1006194.sid

Fig. 2
This a processed digital photograph taken of Plate 44 in the book: Ancient 
Armenian Miniatures, L.A. Turnovoy, P.N. Arakelian, R.K. Trampiani, M.S. 
Sarian, G.T. Diraduriani,    Armenian S.S.R. State Publishing, Yerevan, 

The orginal photo was taken with a Kodak EasyShare CX6200 digital camera 
from approximately 35 cm distance above the open book, indoors in daylight 
and with flash. The raw Kodak image was then loaded into IrfanView 3.99 and 
the colors were adjusted so as to appear to my eye as close as practical to 
the appearance of the image in the book:

Brightness = 25
R = 15
G = 10
B = -30
Contrast = 40
Gamma Correction = 1.1
Saturation = 28

Figs. 3-5 are black-and-white processed sub-image crops of Fig. 2, so 
processed as to emphasize certain details. There are no new details brought 
out with the processing, so the processing is not specified here.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Berj / KI3U