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27 JUN 2007

Meta-data for J. VS  Library deposit:


This deposit contains, in addition to this meta-data text-file, one image 


This image diagrams one perspective of the current (the book as now bound) 
organization of the Voynich manuscript's folios, the folios identified by 
their page numbers and their common section classifications.

The order of the quires and folios in the VMS has long been a matter of 
debate, and the perspective diagrammed in the image is intended as a note, 
and not a piece of evidence one way or the other in the general debate.

The concept of the diagram was discussed in [1], from which:

" It has been suspected that the ms has been mis-gathered or mis-foliated, 
not to mention missing pages and forged paginations, and the pages may not 
be in the original intended order. However, when the book is analyzed in 
terms of its sections, visualizing it as a sphere that has been cut in two, 
a kind of core-plus-concentric-shells organization can be seen, which is 
even easier to see if one views the herbal / pharmaceutical section as a 
sub-section of a general botanical section: "

and also:

" At the very center of the book (in this core-plus-shells model) the 
balneological core is pierced by a single all-text code-page: f76r "

Berj / KI3U

[1] vms-list post: VMs: 3x3 matrix of f58r and the f68r3 moon-ring; 
Saturday, December 2, 2006 9:12 PM; J. VS Library, deposit # 1-1-2007-05-05, 
file 3JVSlibKI3U.htm