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1 JUL 2007

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Crisogonus9RMSclockhands.jpg   is a side-by-side comparison of:

the so-called “clock” in the Voynich manuscript (Beinecke MS 408) nine 
rosettes foldout illustration, on the foldout's  f85v1  panel (the lower 
left panel in normal view), with

a keys glyph or scribal flourish or scribal code or sine or manu propria to 
the right of the initials and coat of arms of Crisogonus de Nassis, at the 
bottom right of page  f.1r  in the manuscript Bridwell MS 5 [1].

The crops from the Bridwell and Beinecke source images show that the 
similarity between the Crisogonus keys glyph and the unsusual “clock hands” 
in the VMS is notable.

CrisogonusNumeralsBMS5ff55v56r.jpg   is a crop from the Bridwell MS 5 pages  
ff. 55v-56r  showing the Hindu-Arabic numerals as Crisogonus rendered them 
in 1469 - they are fully modern in form, and directly bear on arguments that 
attempt to date the Voynich ms via the forms of its own Hindu-Arabic 
numerals examples, such as its folio numbers. Comparison with tables of 
Hindu-Arabic numerals forms versus time and place, such as Fig. 16 in 
D'Imperio, makes it clear that attempts to date the Voynich by its numerals 
forms, is uncertain at best.

The above images pertain to discussions in [2, 3].

Berj / KI3U

[1]  Bridwell MS 5, self-dated 18 November 1469, and 10 December 1469, is 
the hand of Crisogonus de Nassis copying some Pseudo-Eusebius of Cremona and 
The rubrics throughout MS 5 also are worth comparing with some illustration 
components in the Voynich ms.

[2] J.VS Library deposit # 1-1-2007-05-05, file  2JVSlibKI3U.htm :

vms-list post: VMs: the clock "hands" in f86v nine-rosettes; Saturday, June 
3, 2006 1:01 AM.

vms-list post: VMs: incognito symbols in the Voynich manuscript; Wednesday, 
June 7, 2006 1:29 AM.

[3] J.VS Library deposit # 1-1-2007-05-05, file  3JVSlibKI3U.htm :  post: [voynich-de] Hindu-Arabische Ziffern und 
Crisogonus de Nassis in 1469; Friday, November 3, 2006 2:12 PM.

vms-list post:  VMs: Hindu-Arabic Numerals and Crisogonus de Nassis in 1469; 
Friday, November 3, 2006 2:15 PM.