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27 AUG 2007

Meta-data for J. VS  Library deposit:

# 7-1-2007-08-27

This deposit contains, in addition to this meta-data text-file, two image 


These images are the originals prepared for "Blinking the Anne Nill 
photograph against itself with the eyeglasses removed." in order to better 
see the hypothetical "Lone Ranger Mask of Miss Anne Nill". [1]

Their ultimate source is a 1924 Christian Science Monitor article (see J.VS 
communication #19).

This Library deposit is first referenced in Journal of Voynich Studies 
communication #74.

Berj / KI3U

[1] old vms-list post:
RE: VMs: Re: The mysterious Miss Nill, Thursday, February 1, 2007 3:17 PM
This post is preserved in the J.VS Library, deposit # 1-1-2007-05-05, file