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1x292rAPUG563.jpg 60K 2x292rAPUG563.jpg 60K 3x292rAPUG563.jpg 49K 4x292rAPUG563.jpg 53K metadataJVSL8-1-2007-09-14.txt 1.4K
14 SEP 2007

Meta-data for J. VS  Library deposit:

# 8-1-2007-09-14

This deposit contains, in addition to this meta-data text-file, four image 


These images show the "word" that possibly is written in Voynich-alphabet 
letters, this word appearing in a 1664 letter from Athanasius Kircher, S.J., 
to Adamus Schall, S.J. - the first details on this are found in a thread to 
the old vms-list:

VMs: Possible Voynich text in a Kircher letter, Sunday, February 18, 2007 
2:31 AM

This thread is preserved in the J.VS Library:

deposit # 1-1-2007-05-05, file 4vmsKI3Ulab.htm

The source image for the above four images, APUG 563 292r, was obtained on 
14 SEP 2007 from:

downloaded and converted to .bmp format by MS Internet Explorer 6.0.

All image processing was done with IrfanView version 3.99 and resultant 
images saved in .jpg default format:

1x292rAPUG563.jpg = small 319x196 rectangular crop with the target word 
approximately in the middle.
2x292rAPUG563.jpg = the 1x image horizontally flipped to effect the correct 
writing parities.
3x292rAPUG563.jpg = the 2x image converted to gray scale.
4x292rAPUG563.jpg = the 3x image with contrast set to 91.

This Library deposit is first referenced in Journal of Voynich Studies 
communication #83.

Berj / KI3U