Photoelectric observations:

 taken with the 3-channel photometer andthe 60-cm telescope at Mt. Suhora Observatory
 (V753 Mon)
50-cm telescope and CCD camera at Cracow Observatory
(V829 Her)
40-cm telescope and SBIG CCD camera at University of Athens Observatory (Greece)
(V402 Aur)
50-cm and 70-cm telescopes with PMT photometer at SAAO (South Africa)
(SX Crv & VZ Lib)

          V402 Aur   -  BVRI
         SX Crv    -  BVRI
         V829 Her    -  BVRI
           VZ Lib    - BVRI
V753 Mon  - BVRI

  Results from LC modeling published by Zola et. al,  Acta Astronomica, vol. 54, p.299 (2004)    (Paper #3)