Photoelectric observations:

 taken with a 3-channel photometer and
the 60-cm telescope at Mt. Suhora Observatory(Poland)
 (EF Boo,   SW Lac)
1.2-m telescope and CCD camera at Krioneri   Astronomical Station (Greece)
(V417 Aql,  YY CrB)
40-cm telescope and SBIG CCD camera at University of Athens Observatory (Greece)
(AH Aur,  DZ Psc,  NN Vir)
50-cm and 70-cm telescopes with PMT photometer at SAAO (South Africa)
(UX Eri,   GR Vir)
50-cm telescope and CCD camera at Skibotn Astronomical Station (Norway)
(GM Dra)

  Results from LC modeling published by Gazeas at el. (2005), Acta Astronomica, vol. 55, p. 123