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Library of the Journal of Voynich Studies

The Journal of Voynich Studies, ISSN 1937-9277, is devoted to the manuscript Yale Beinecke MS 408, and associated polymathic matters of interest. [1]

It is planned and anticipated that selected J.VS material will eventually appear in printed version editions.

This J.VS archive is public, but the copyright for an individual contribution to the Journal, is owned by the person who originated it. Feel free to browse, and quote material, properly attributed.

The contributors to J.VS are advanced students of the Voynich Manuscript. The minimum qualification for becoming a contributor to J.VS is to have thoroughly studied the classic text in the field:

The Voynich Manuscript - An Elegant Enigma
by M.E. D'Imperio
Aegean Park Press, c. 1976-80, ISBN 0-89412-038-7

        An edition of D'Imperio's book is available online for downloading from NSA (31.2 MB pdf) :

Submissions for consideration of inclusion in J.VS are directed into either or both the communications archive and the J.VS Library.
To submit to the communications archive write the J.VS Editor, Berj N. Ensanian : k i 3 u a t h o t m a i l d o t c o m
To submit to the Library write the J.VS Librarian, Greg Stachowski : g r e g a t a s t r o d o t a s d o t u p d o t k r a k o w d o t p l

       J.VS was founded beginning 23 FEB 2007.
     The original five founders were: Berj N. Ensanian / KI3U, Greg Stachowski, Dennis Fedak / N3ZCK, Jan Hurych, Robert Teague.

[1] Beinecke MS 408 is variously known as: the Voynich Manuscript, VMS, VM, the Roger Bacon Cipher Manuscript, the world's most mysterious manuscript, etc.
Images of almost all components of this codex are online, provided by the Beinecke Library of Yale University, here:

The copyrights to "Journal of Voynich Studies" and "J.VS" are owned by Dennis M. Fedak and Greg Stachowski
Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 by Berj N. Ensanian / KI3U;

Copyright 2012, 2013 by
Dennis M. Fedak and Greg Stachowski

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