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+The Manuscript (3 deposits)

2007-11-22    "The Research of the Voynich Manuscript: The Strategies and the Results" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2008-02-04    "The Research of the Voynich Manuscript" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-03-30    "VM Philosophy versus VM Politics" by J. Hurych (more info ...)

+Herbal Section (1 deposit)

2011-05-25    A discussion of the plant illustrated in folio f9v of the Voynich Manuscript (more info ...)

+Astronomical Section (4 deposits)

2010-12-23    Comparison of f68r2 diagram with that in 1698 ASTROSCOPIUM (more info ...)
2011-05-17    Images relating the f86r3 PM-curve to f87r and SN1054 (more info ...)
2012-01-28    The 'Tycho' image on f67v1; by R. Teague. (more info ...)
2012-01-30+  The event and images on f68r1; by R. Teague (more info ...)

+Zodiac Section (1 deposit)

2009-08-22    "Dating the VMs Zodiac Section" by R. Teague (more info ...)

+Pharmaceutical Section (1 deposit)

2007-10-20    Comparison of Rudolphine Pohar and f89r2 jar; see J.VS communication #106 (more info ...)

+Recipes Section (1 deposit)

2008-03-14    Recipe Section Stars Table (more info ...)

+Cross-Sectional Entries (1 deposit)

2007-10-09+  'Underground art' (often humorous) relating to the VMS (more info ...)

+Glyphs, Languages and Cryptography (7 deposits)

2007-06-03    "The Numbers in the VM" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-07-19    VMS glyph variations; for J.VS communication #65 (more info ...)
2007-09-06    "How many 'hands' wrote the VM?" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-10-05    "Search for Hidden Numbers in the VM" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2008-01-12+  "Cracks in the Ice: Toward a Translation Method for the Voynich Manuscript" by R. Teague (more info ...)
2008-03-06    "The Search for Numerical Codes in the VM" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2010-02-12    "Is the VM encoded? ( and how to solve it in that case )" by J. Hurych (more info ...)

+Provenance and People (except WMV) (18 deposits)

2007-06-06    "The New Signature of Horczicky" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-07-16    "How the VM got in Prague" (re: Krystof Harant) by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-08-10    "The VMS - Do we really have any provenance?" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-08-27    Anne Nill 'mask' images for J.VS communication #74 (more info ...)
2007-10-28    "The handwriting analysis of some possible authors of the VM" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-11-10    "The Mysterious Dr. Raphael [Mnishowsky]" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2007-12-18    Transcriptions & translations of Moretus' letters to Kircher (more info ...)
2007-12-20    "More about Dr. Raphael Mnishowsky" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2008-01-18    "The Lost Notes of Georgius Baresch" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2008-01-25    Image of 'vocabula nova et fictitia' from APUG 563 142r; see J.VS comm #  (more info ...)
2009-05-03    "Juan Caramuel de Lobkovic" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-05-17    "Athanasius Kircher - The VM in Rome" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-07-20    Voynich now and then. Commentary to the Article of W.M. Voynich in "The Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia", Vol.33, 1921.  (more info ...)
2009-08-16    "Julius Caesar of Austria (born approx. 1586 - died 1609)" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-08-24    "Theodorus Moretus or, The Messenger to Rome" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-10-16    "Ramon Lull, Doctor Illuminatus" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-12-02    "The VM Search and Research" by J. Hurych (more info ...)
2009-12-29    "Mnishowsky once more" by J. Hurych (more info ...)

+Research Resources (6 deposits)

2007-06-24+  Research notes by R. Teague (more info ...)
2007-07-08    Zodiac reference images by R. Teague (more info ...)
2007-09-13+  Timeline of events relating to the VMS (more info ...)
2007-10-21    Zodiac VMs Nymph Can Distribution, by R. Teague (more info ...)
2009-09-30+  Star names extracted from John of London's table of 1246; by R. Teague (more info ...)
2009-10-08    Hildegard of Bingen's first scheme of the Universe (more info ...)

+Communications Appendices (26 deposits)

2007-06-13+  PM-curve images; conjectural Christian symbolism image (more info ...)
2007-06-22    Figs. 1-5 for J.VS communication #49 (f67r2 patterns) (more info ...)
2007-06-27    Fig. for J.VS communication #51 (Nested shells) (more info ...)
2007-07-01    Figs. for J.VS communication #55 (Crisogonus; f85v1) (more info ...)
2007-09-14    Images of a possible Voynich word in a Kircher letter; J.VS comm. #83 (more info ...)
2007-09-16+  Images of the arm-star diagram in APUG 557 130rv; see J.VS comm. #85 (more info ...)
2007-10-06    Detail of Juan de la Cosa's world map; for J.VS communication #100 (more info ...)
2007-10-07+  Details of f102v1 showing hidden text; see J.VS communications #101, #102 (more info ...)
2007-10-12+  Figs. for J.VS communications #103, #104, #105, #108 (image processing; faces) (more info ...)
2007-10-22+  Possible text-mosaic hidden image on f76r; see J.VS communications #107, #109 (more info ...)
2007-12-24    analysis of the manu propria of Baresch; see J.VS communication #130 (more info ...)
2008-02-21+  Experimental music from Voynich texts; see J.VS comms #170, #169, #168, #167, #166 (more info ...)
2008-04-12    Image for J.VS comm. #181 (more info ...)
2008-04-15+  "Steganography: The Book-covers of the Voynich Manuscript" see J.VS comm. #182 (more info ...)
2008-06-29+  SQS program for analyzing VMS sequences; see J.VS comm. #203. (more info ...)
2008-08-22    Images for J.VS comm. #210. (more info ...)
2008-08-31    Image for J.VS comm. #213 (Gold particles in the VMS). (more info ...)
2008-12-21    Images illustrating patterns arising from simple cyclic encryption; see J.VS comm. #236 (more info ...)
2009-04-23    Thirty-nine examples of Joannes Marcus Marci's signature for comparison (more info ...)
2009-04-24    23 images for comparing details in the letters of J.M. Marci and G.A. Kinner (more info ...)
2009-04-30    Images of lower-case "d"'s in the 19 AUG 1665/6 letter of Marci to Kircher. (more info ...)
2009-08-23    Images for J.VS comm. #288. (more info ...)
2009-12-06    Images for J.VS comm. #317 ("Revisiting Newbold's approach: little people under the Voynich microscope") (more info ...)
2010-02-03    The phonetisation of the Voynich Manuscript text: Voynich text to synthetic speech (more info ...)
2011-01-10    Images for J.VS comm. #361 (partial eclipse of 4 JAN 2011 and f68 discussions) (more info ...)
2012-01-28    Images for J.VS comm. #379 (more info ...)

+Archives (2 deposits)

2007-05-05+  vms-list posts by B. Ensanian (more info ...)
2007-12-31    J.VS Members' profiles (more info ...)

+Wilfrid M. Voynich (2 deposits)

2008-05-23    Materials from R. SantaColoma's visit to the Grolier Club (more info ...)
2010-02-21    Images associated with Wilfrid M. Voynich (more info ...)

+Software Resources (3 deposits)

2007-08-28    Fonts for representing Voynich script (more info ...)
2008-01-12    Image processing resources (more info ...)
2010-07-25    JVSCGS Chaotic Groups Generator and associated utilities program (more info ...)