Multicolor Data  (PMT photometry and CCD)  for our program of determination of accurate parameters in contact/close binaries

         NEW:   a bug has been discovered  in a code sorting the data for displaying on the web page.  Data stored here    for stars published in Papers 2-4 have been  affected in such a way that several individual points may   have the same fraction of JDhel. 
Correction was made on March 13th, 2008. 

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Paper #5 Paper #6

V2150 Cyg
SW Lyn
QW Gem
AP Leo

AB And
GZ And
AO Cam
DN Cam
DK Cyg
V402 Aur
SX Crv 
V829 Her
VZ Lib
V753 Mon
UX Eri
AH  Aur
SW Lac
V417 Aql
EF Boo
GR Vir
DZ Psc
GM Dra
NN Vir
CN And
V776 Cas
FU Dra
UV Lyn
BB Peg
V592 Per
OU Ser
EQ Tau
HT Vir
V410 Aur
CK Boo
FP Boo
V921 Her
ET Leo
XZ Leo
V839 Oph
V2357 Oph
AQ Psc
VY Sex

   Data for Other Binaries                                                                                    

         UU Cnc       BH Cas     V367 Cyg     YY Cnc

            Epsilon CrA            Psi Ori

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