Final Announcement

Posted by Dorota on 6 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Dear All,

This is the final announcement concerning the EUROWD12 White Dwarf workshop. There are nearly a hundred participants who had registered for the workshop. Registration will take place on Sunday at the Krakowiak hotel (ul. Armii Krajowej 9 - see the map):

from 5 pm till 9:30 pm. We will have a small welcome reception there, from 7 to 9:30pm.

You may also register on Monday at the Pedagogical University, where the conference will take place. Those who did not pay the registration fee yet, can do so till the end of Monday's lunch break.

We accept only Polish currency "zloty/PLN" in cash. As for today the exchange rate is: 1 Euro = 4.12 PLN, 1 USD = 3.35 PLN.

If you are going to change money into Polish currency try NOT TO do that at the airport since the exchange rate is very bad there. You may find some exchange places called "KANTOR" in the city center (Rynek Glowny, Grodzka street). Some of them are open on Sundays. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs, several are located within
a walking distance from the conference venue and one at the entrance of the Pedagogical University building.

If you use public transportation in Krakow please be sure to buy and validate a ticket inside a bus or a tram. All you need to know about transportation can be found here:

(click on the image to get better resolution)

Tickets can be bought in "kiosks", ticket machines or from a driver. There are couple of kiosks at the Krakow airport (upstairs/first floor). Ticket machines are installed at some bus/tram stops  and in many tram/buses. If you have to buy a ticket from a driver you will need exact change. Drivers sell only tickets valid for 1 hour ride.

The maximum poster size format which can be attached to our display boards is A0 (portrait).

See also our www pages for more information (news, last minute changes).

Looking forward to seeing you all in Krakow.