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Current Mt. Suhora weather station data:

Outside Temperature in degrees Celsius: 10.9 Small dome temperature in degrees Celsius: Dew Point in degrees Celsius: -- Outside Humidity in percent: 79 Small dome humidity in percent: Rain rate in mm/hour: Storm rain in mm Total rain in mm:
Wind Direction indicator: -- Momentary Wind Speed in km/h: 6.4, max: -- 10-minute average Wind Speed in km/h Image from the all-sky camera Image from the south-facing camera Image from the north-facing camera

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Graphs from the AAG cloud sensor

Sky conditions: cloudy Wind Plot of moisture level Plot of light levels Infrared sensor temperature
AAG infrared cloud sensor measurements, updated 2024-04-13 08:30.  Raw data: CloudWatcher.csv.
Calm: V < 2 ms-1, windy: 2ms-1 < V < 20ms-1, very windy: V > 20ms-1.  Note: the plot shows sensor temperature not air temperature.

Sky brightness

Graph of sky brightness and Moon altitude

Reading in Mag/Sq Arcsec


NELM (Theoretical)


Time of Reading

2024-04-13 05:50:01

Moon Altitude, Phase

-12°, 24%

Sensor installed in cooperation with the Light Pollution Monitoring Group of the Silesian Polytechnic. [ Download SQM sky brightness raw data as a ZIP-compressed text file ]