The Equipment of the Observatory

60cm Telescope

The main astronomical instrument of the observatory is the mirror telescope of the Cassegrain system, produced by the Carl Zeiss Jena (Germany). The basic specifications of the telescope are as follows:

Starting from 2010 the detectors are instaled in primary focus: modyfikacje2011.ppt

The same sort of telescope can be found in Poland in Bialkow near Poznań, in Ostrowik near Warsaw and in Piwnice near Toruń.

CCD Cameras

Filters: U,B,V,R,I, su,sv,sy, g',r',i', G2, BG40, 4xPolarizers, ND

The modular construction allows one observer to easy change the configuration. Each part of the system works independently and is controlled by an computer located in the control room.

The guiding system

The guiding system can be used to control tracking of the telescope during photometric observations. The Observatory is currently use an autoguider system which uses a secondary guidescope mounted parallel to the optical axis of the main instrument (D= 20cm, F=220cm).

Small dome and RC-8'' telescope

Old equipment