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When using this database please include a citation to: J.M. Kreiner, 2004, Acta Astronomica, vol. 54, pp 207-210.

Diagrams are computed for an average ephemerides presented in left-bottom corner of picture.
For small number of data ephemerides for diagram is taken from literature.
Based of last trend on O-C daigrams, an linear ephemerides and current orbital phase is calculated based on YOUR COMPUTER TIME !!!! (If there is enough data after 1960).


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From GCVS:
Nr.GCVS STAR  CONST.   RA   (2000)    DEC         Type   V [mag]     P [days]          Spec            
470003    T      LMi    9h 48m 28.5s   33o 17' 20"   EA/SD    10.87       3.019885        A3V             
470012    RT     LMi    9h 49m 48.3s   34o 27' 15"   EW/KW    11.4        0.3749180       G0              
470036    UW     LMi   10h 43m 30.2s   28o 41'  9"   EA        8.44                                       
470041    VW     LMi   11h  2m 51.9s   30o 24' 55"   EW:       8.03                                       
470048    WZ     LMi   10h 31m 26.5s   31o 38' 33"   EW       12.45       0.389131                        
470049    XX     LMi   10h 33m  4.8s   32o 22' 15"   EW       12.42       0.3709787                       
470050    XY     LMi   10h 34m 12.3s   32o  8' 52"   EW       10.71       0.4368897                       
470059    AE     LMi   10h 27m  2.2s   33o 16' 59"   EA       12.75       0.52834                         
470060    AF     LMi   10h 37m 45.9s   32o 20' 42"   EW       14.0        0.40660                         
470061    AG     LMi   10h 44m 48.8s   33o 21' 12"   EA       10.72       0.679507