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When using this database please include a citation to: J.M. Kreiner, 2004, Acta Astronomica, vol. 54, pp 207-210.

Diagrams are computed for an average ephemerides presented in left-bottom corner of picture.
For small number of data ephemerides for diagram is taken from literature.
Based of last trend on O-C daigrams, an linear ephemerides and current orbital phase is calculated based on YOUR COMPUTER TIME !!!! (If there is enough data after 1960).


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From GCVS:
Nr.GCVS STAR  CONST.   RA   (2000)    DEC         Type   V [mag]     P [days]          Spec            
530010    RR     Men    3h 43m 50.4s  -84o  0'  3"   EA/D     11.8        2.6011                          
530032    TY     Men    5h 26m 49.7s  -81o 35'  7"   EW/K      8.08       0.46166701      A3-4V           
530033    TZ     Men    5h 30m 13.9s  -84o 47'  6"   EA/D      6.19       8.56898         A1III+B9V:      
530037    UX     Men    5h 30m  3.2s  -76o 14' 55"   EA/DM     8.8        4.181100        G1V+G1V         
530040    VV     Men    4h 33m 44.3s  -74o 29' 16"   EA       13.7                                        
530042    VX     Men    6h 14m 32.8s  -79o 41'  2"   EA       13.6                                        
530043    VY     Men    7h 11m 37.2s  -79o 45' 22"   EA       13.2                                        
530050    XY     Men    5h 22m 13.5s  -71o 56' 19"   EB/KE    10.63       0.7766348       A3              
530064    AK     Men    3h 53m 20.0s  -79o 48' 35"   DSCT      9.13                                       
530067    AN     Men    6h  0m 19.5s  -80o 35' 53"   EW        9.36                                       
530073    AT     Men    4h 52m  6.9s  -70o 43' 53"   EA       11.22       2.3446345       G0